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Long text in dropdown items wraps and overlaps with next item.


Hi guys,

Trying out flexbox for my application, I encountered the following cosmetic issue.

If the width of the dropdown contents is smaller than the control width, the text of the items overlaps.
See example image. The first item, 'British Indian Ocean Territory', does not fit on the line and wraps over to the next one.


jQuery(function($) {
  $('#ffb').flexbox(countries, {
    watermark: 'Enter country name',
    paging: false,
    maxVisibleRows: 8

The workaround is simple: increase the width of the control in the flexbox settings.
However, it would be better if the listbox items are restricted to one line. I would prefer the text to be cropped instead of wrapping.

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wimrijnders wrote Apr 3, 2014 at 10:18 AM

Added example image as attachment, because I don't think it will be on my server forever.