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Dropdown content retrieved by ajax stays on screen when not matching


There appears to be a difference in the display handling of data retrieved by json and data in a local variable.

Code used:
var relations = {"results":[{"id":24,"name":"age"},{"id":1067,"name":"aspect"},{"id":173,"name":"comment"},{"id":662,"name":"definition"},{"id":53,"name":"farsi"},{"id":165,"name":"genre"},{"id":162,"name":"guitar"},{"id":62,"name":"height"},{"id":5,"name":"instance"},{"id":155,"name":"language"},{"id":20,"name":"name"},{"id":42,"name":"note"},{"id":60,"name":"project"},{"id":1020,"name":"pronounce"},{"id":22,"name":"surname"},{"id":158,"name":"synonym"},{"id":65,"name":"weight"}],"total":17};

$(function() {
  $('#fb').flexbox('get_relations.rb', {    // Retrieve using ajax
  //$('#fb').flexbox(relations, {             // Use local data
    watermark: "Select relation",
    paging: false,
    maxVisibleRows: 8
When I retrieve the dropdown contents using ajax, as in the startup example, the dropdown list does not hide the non-matching items when typing search text:


You can see that the search text is detected because it becomes bold. The items without a match, however, stay in view.

When I take exactly the same json data, add it as a javascript variable and input that into flexbox, the collapsing of the unselected items works as expected:


I would very much prefer to have the search and hide work as expected. Perhaps, viewing the other issues, the given behaviour is a feature. In that case, please tell me how to turn it off.

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wimrijnders wrote Apr 3, 2014 at 10:24 AM

Added this comment for inclusion of the other image.

I'm sorry to say this, but the CodePlex issue tracker has some design issues itself. I'm trying to be a good net citizen here and the site is discouraging me.