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JSON service data loaded multiple times

Dec 28, 2010 at 5:13 PM

Love the Flexbox!  Does exactly what I need.

I'm using the flexbox for my website's search box for products.   The product data is coming from an existing JSON service URL that I've been using a for awhile now.  The results from my JSON service were being loaded 2 and 3 times stacked on top of each other in the FlexBox.  I couldn't easily duplicate the issue, but it kept popping up over and over again.   Finally, I tried disabling the cache via the the config option and that didn't help.   The end solution was to just not let it cache at all by modifying the "updateCache" method by putting a "return;" at the top and all is well now.  Just thought I'd post this in case there is another work around or someone else finds the same issue.

I'm using it in the following way:

$('#SearchListDropDown').flexbox('/toys/toys-ajaxsearch.aspx', {
showResults: true,
showArrow: false,
maxVisibleRows: 6,
noResultsText: "No items found for this search",
watermark: "Enter Item # or Keyword",
width: 250,
queryDelay: 300,
maxCacheBytes : 0,
selectFirstMatch: false,
resultTemplate: '