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How to managed search result oreder in flexbox when data is a JSON object with an array

Jul 4, 2012 at 11:31 AM


I am grateful to use this flexbox. I want to ask something which is I am facing as query.

First I was getting search data from json (using cgi coding) , and I just marked it takes a too much time to retrieve json data from database. then after I have got the all the json data and made the object of the json data and put it into the variable and called this variable in to the flexbox.

Both of the method 1st is flexbox called through 'URL'

1) e.g: $(‘#ffb10′).flexbox('/hotels/cgi-bin/get_data.cgi?');

and 2nd is through 'variable' data is a JSON object with an array of ALL countries which I got from my database

2) e.g: $(‘#ffb4′).flexbox(countries)

So both are displaying result in different order.

I want to implement 2nd type and want to displaying result order which I getting result order when I used 1st type of calling 'URL'

So please suggest me how to managed the search result order when I am using 2nd variable type.

Please help me out from this issue.


Thanks & Regards,

Tejas Savaliya