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error when using resultTemplate option

Jun 20, 2009 at 11:00 PM

Hello - thanks for making flexbox available. It's a big help to me.

While attempting to get it working, I noticed an error when using the resultTemplate option.

It works fine when I send it a dictionary with results that have 'id' and 'name' for each row and use the default settings. But I'd prefer to show a different field called 'friendly_name' instead of 'name' in the selection box. When I try to use the resultTemplate to do this, I get some errors. Here is the code I'm trying to use:


'http://localhost:8080/default/call/json/getdata', {resultTemplate: '<div class="col1">{id}</div><div class="col2">{friendly_name}</div>'} );


and when I click on the flex box's down arrow, it makes a call to the server and displays some results (each row shows valid data, but both the id and friendly_name data have been superimposed on top of each other) and I get this error back from Firebug/Aptana:

Error: Permission denied to get property XULElement.parentNode
    at anonymous(Object) (
    at anonymous() (
    at anonymous(Object) (
    at anonymous() (

I'm using FlexBox 0.9.2, downloaded earlier today, Aptana 1.2.7 (which uses xulrunner 1.8.x), and testing on Firefox 3.0.10

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?